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360 Video Production is among us and it’s here to stay – At Daydream Films Limited we use the state of the art equipment to capture 8K Resolution video in a 3 Dimensional Space with a 360 ° Field of View. This allows us to provide an incredibly immersive Virtual Reality experience, where you can become a part of the video and almost touch the objects and people in front of you. 

It’s an experience which will leave you truly speechless. 

Allow us to capture the special moments in your life. Make an enquiry today.

At Daydream Films Limited we offer number of services in relation to 360 content production.

  • 360 Video Production
  • 360 Photography
  • 360 Live-Streaming
  • 360 Movie Production
  • 360 Virtual Tour
All of the above services can also be produced in Stereoscopic (3D) and Monoscopic (2D) Modes as well as VR180.
VR is..
insta360 pro 2 camera with farsight 360 video production

Why Choose Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality has a major advantage over the standard flat screen video production and photography. You are not watching the content in virtual reality, you are experiencing it. You get to immerse yourself within the world which is displayed right in front of your eyes in 3D.

The people, the objects, the music and sounds are all around you in 360 degrees field of view, you almost get to touch them as they stand in front of the camera. Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is here to stay; the memories which we will create now using our methods – you will get to interact with them in the future and you will be glad of a decision made to go ahead with 360 Video Production instead of a standard flat screen video content.

Virtual Reality is an excellent tool for marketing; the Virtual Reality Tours, Live-Streaming Concerts or creating VR180 Music Videos is the new standard for the real estate and music industry. Imagination is the limit, be unique. 

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..Imagination is the limit, be unique.

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