Virtual Reality Video Production

Our VR Video Production services cover a wide spectrum of industries.

The most popular formats are 360° Video & VR180 – Both in 3D Stereo and 2D Mono technology.

Why us?

We have committed countless number of hours to research and develop the perfect workflow in VR Video Production.

We are the leading VR Production Company in Ireland with a proficiency to work with many different formats. We utilise the newest technology on the market to push the boundaries further with every project.

VR is..


We use the newest cameras, the fastest computers and the best hardware to provide you with the top quality content.


With our experience we can suggest what will work best for your project, offer alternative solutions and turn tricky situations to your advantage.


We are the pioneers of the industry, we have a relationship with the likeminded companies from all over the world. We use our contacts to benefit your project.

360° Video captures the footage all around you. Above you, below you and behind you. Especially useful when recording scenery or content for smart devices.

VR180 Video covers 180° FOV vertically and horizontally. Especially useful for more cinematic experiences when we want to direct the focus of the viewer.

3D Stereo content is recorded with the intention to be viewed using VR Headsets, 3D Glasses or Anaglyph Glasses. It provides a perception of depth, making it much more immersive. It feels like you can touch the objects around you.

2D Mono is the standard video format that we are all used to. If we combine it with 360° or VR180 video, the viewer has the freedom of looking around, but no depth is perceived (Similar to a standard film).

This is especially useful when the content is intended to be viewed on devices not capable of displaying 3D. Such as smartphones or standard laptops and PC’s.

Instant Estimate

How we do it?

two people wearing VR headset and watching video

How we do it? 

1: Send us your details and tell us about your project. 

2. We will review your requirements and provide the price estimate.

3: Once the details are arranged, we will begin shooting the footage for your project.

4: Captured footage will be edited in our office and rendered. Draft will be provided and any changed needed made afterwards.

"...Imagination is the limit, be unique." - Motto of Daydream Films Ltd.

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Benefits of VR Content:

Below are only some of the examples of the benefits of Virtual Reality Video. However, to find the real value, you can ask yourself the simple question: 

Would you like to meet your favourite celebrity in VR or not?

Would you like to watch the trailer for your favourite TV series in VR or not?

Would you like to rewatch your wedding in VR or not?

Now think of your project, would your followers like to connect with your content in VR or not?

I think that we both know the answer to that question – Contact us at

People want to connect with your brand, they want to experience being part of the circle. The best way to bring people closer to your products and services is by putting them inside the VR experience.

VR content is significantly more engaging than a standard video format, the immersion and feeling of presence inside the video is astonishing. The viewer really gets to experience being in that place and time. Thus, building that extra close relationship with your business.

With VR content you can bring your clients on a guided journey through your services and products before they make a decision on the purchase. 

You can offer a virtual trip to your premium holiday destination as a Travel Agent.

Virtual driving experience of the newest car model you are now offering at the dealership.

Or provide a virtual tour experience of your craft beer brewery. 

Real environment simulation is one of the most crucial benefits of virtual reality in education and training. Just imagine history classes with animated timelines function, visualized chronicles events, or fascinating geography lessons with trips across the continents.

Learners can be engaged in an environment reflecting actual scenarios, even extreme or dangerous, with safe training conditions. Working on high or fire safety VR training simulators are prime examples of the benefits of VR in education. That is an optimal protected virtual environment where learners are experiencing the results of their actions without the risk and fatal errors.

By producing a VR experience for your brand, you project the image of innovation to your clients and prospects. 

VR is utilising the cutting edge technology to deliver that immersion we all seek. Proceed with the creation of a VR content and you’re reaching a new modern audience which was previously out of your reach.

The distribution network used for VR content is not limited to one country, the chances are that your project which will be released on public platforms will get a recognition from VR users across the whole world.

VR is a perfect tool for spreading the brand awareness for business expansion in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to majority of the countries. If you have any doubts, please contact us. 

The prices are tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

They can range from as little as €1000 excl. VAT to €50,000 excl. VAT and more. 

A 5 minute VR experience post-production should take approximately 2-4 weeks.

However, depending on the requirements this could be longer.

No problem at all, we can customise your package to your needs. 

You can view our sample tours and videos in “Our Projects” section at the top of the page. 

We can work on short notice, however, to ensure availability more notice is required.

We recommend a VR headset for videos created in a 3D Stereo format.

However, if you intend to share the content on social media and standard devices – a 2D Mono is an alternative which you can also experience on smart phones, tablets, PC’s, Laptops.

For projects exceeding €1000 excl. VAT we might be required to take a 50% deposit.

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  • Video in 360 3D & 2D (Stereo & Mono).
  • Video in 180 3D (VR180).
  • Photograph in 360 3D & 2D (Stereo & Mono).
  • Live-Stream in 360/180 3D & 2D.
  • 360 Virtual Tours.
  • Google Street View Photography
  • 360 Drone Photography & 4K Recording
  • Virtual Training Scenarios.
  • 360 Photos for Google Business.
  • Virtual Reality Promotional Videos.
  • Virtual Reality Interview Videos.
  • Virtual Reality Educational Videos.
  • VR 3D Animations
  • 2D to 3D Floorplan Conversions
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