2D to 3D Floorplan Conversions

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Why us?

Our speciality is Virtual Reality Content Production; we have inhouse experts as well as number of subcontractors from all over the world. We can handle tasks of any size and return with the best quality on the market.

VR is..


Simply Clean and Beautiful, with our 3D Conversions you can finally take a glimpse at your future build.

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Once you deliver the floorplans, the average turnaround time is 24-48 hours per floor.


We can customise the 3D Floorplans to your needs, change the furniture layout and apply different colours.

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"...Imagination is the limit, be unique." - Slogan of Daydream Films Ltd.

How we do it?

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How we do it? 

1: Send us your floorplans and tell us the requirements. 

2. We will provide you with a quotation and confirm the information.

3: Once confirmed, our team will begin modelling based on your existing floorplans.

4: 24-48 hours later, the final 3D Floorplan will be ready for your retrieval.

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What is the cost?

The cost depends on the number of floors, your additional requirements and complexity of the project. An estimate based on 1 Floor, 100sq.m,  2 Bedroom Apartment is €100 excl. VAT. 

What are the Benefits of 3D Floorplans?

Converting your standard 2D Floorplans to 3D Floorplans will allow you to get a glimpse at the finished build.

Instead of trying to imagine the final outcome in your head, you can now easily bring your project to life and share it with others.

By filling the rooms with furniture and props, you can now visualise the final look of each room and spot potential issues in the layout.

By converting your standard 2D Floorplans to 3D Floorplans you will get ahead of your build and spot any potential issues before they happen.

We can fill the rooms with props and furniture, this will easily allow you to predict if any changes are needed in the placement of doors, walls or windows. 

It is significantly cheaper to do a review with our 3D Floorplans, rather than find out structural issues after the project is already build. 

Our 3D Floorplans can be used to visualise the changes which you’d like to make in the house or apartment. Perhaps it could be knocking down a wall or building a new one up.

We can swap the rooms between each other, perhaps you want to move the living room to the diner or vice versa? We can do all of that and more, if you’re not sure – simply ask! 🙂 

The 3D Floorplans are used in all industries, regardless of the target market. 

We can replicate hotel reception areas, plans for the expansion of the cafeteria, bars and restaurants as well as any other building with available floorplans. 

We can convert most type of floorplans, even hand drawn. 

If you’re using our 3D Floorplans in your Real Estate Listings, it will easily grab the attention of the potential buyer. They get the top down view of the house, it’s layout and without having to screen through the already cluttered architectural drawings. 

Our 3D Floorplans are Simply Clean and Beautiful, to get across the most important information and help you close the sale.

By sharing the 3D Floorplan on your social media profile, your followers will surely appreciate the design and share it among their friends. Perhaps, to show them your property for sale or the cosy lobby area of your hotel. The 3D Floorplan which can be embedded on your website, will in return bring more online visitors – boosting your SEO rating and bringing up your website higher in the search results on Search Engine websites such as Google or Bing.

Above are only some of the examples of the benefits of 3D Floorplans. However, to find out the real value of the service, you can ask yourself the simple question: 

Before you purchase a house, would you like to see the 3D Floorplan or not?

Before you book that hotel, would you like to see the 3D Floorplan render of the pool area or not?

Before you book that wedding venue, would you like to see the 3D Floorplan of the layout or not?

Now think of your clients, would they like to see your facilities using the 3D Floorplan or not?

I think that we both know the answer to that question – Contact us at info@daydreamfilms.ie


Frequently Asked Questions

Most conversions take around 24 hours per floor. 

We can take the payment over the phone using your debit or credit card. 

We also accept cheque payments and bank transfers. 

The final files will be released after the payment has been received.

For projects exceeding €1000 excl. VAT we might be required to take 50% deposit.

No problem at all, we can customise your package to your needs. 

You can view our past projects in “Our Projects” section at the top of the page. 

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