Enhance Your Business With a VR Content

No matter of your industry, sector; private or public. There are many ways in which your business can benefit from VR technology.

See example applications by clicking below.

  • VR Training Scenarios for Sales Agents.
  • Showcase New Car Models in a Virtual Tour.
  • 360 3D Photograph of Vehicle Interior.
  • VR Footage From Test Drive.
  • VR Tour of Your Dealership.
  • VR Educational Content for Students.
  • VR Tour of Campus.
  • Capture Medical Procedures in VR for Students.
  • VR Public Speaking Scenarios for Students.
  • Promote Campus in 3D VR.
  • Promote Tours in VR.
  • Clients Can Experience Destinations in VR Before Buying.
  • Increase Your Conversions.
  • Promote New Offers on YouTube, Facebook & Google in VR.
  • Showcase New F1 Car in VR.
  • Virtual Tour of Factory.
  • Record Races in 3D 360 or VR180.
  • Engage Fans Remotely in VR.
  • Improve Conversions by VR Promotion.
  • Improved PR & Brand Awareness.
  • Video in 360 3D & 2D (Stereo & Mono).
  • Video in 180 3D (VR180).
  • Photograph in 360 3D & 2D (Stereo & Mono).
  • Live-Stream in 360/180 3D & 2D.
  • Virtual 360 Tours.
  • Virtual Training Scenarios.
  • 360 Photos for Google Business.
  • VR Promotional Videos.
  • VR Interview Videos.
  • VR Educational Videos.
  • Not Sure About Your Needs?
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VR is..


We aim to be affordable for big & small businesses and institutions.


We will listen to your needs and find the best method to get your message across and fulfill your requirements.


We take pride in our work and we will make sure that your needs are met.

How does it work?

a man in virtual reality 360 is looking through the vr headset architecture design for business

There are many applications of VR in business, it can be used as a promotional video for showcasing new products; or perhaps you may like to allow your employees to virtually attend your annual awards ceremony.

Imagine launching a new service in your company. Showcase the products and services to your potential investors in a VR tour.

Virtual Reality (VR) enable us to place your audience in the middle of the content by surrounding them with an audio-visual sensations which are designed to replicate the real life as closely as possible.

Also, the advancements and soon release of 5G internet, will enable us to stream in 8K to popular social media services; such as Facebook; completely live, completely in a 360 degrees VR.

How we do it? 

One: After making the initial arrangements, we will carry out the agreed recording in the destination of choice.

Two: We will capture the footage in the agreed format and later post-produce it to finalise the delivery.

Three: Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a VR headset with the content installed, share the video online with the world to see, or for instance, distribute number of VR headsets to your contacts.

Four: Promote the video to your clients and followers across the world. Let them experience your content from the first person perspective, allow them to immerse themselves in it and make them want to personalise themselves with your brand!

How does our camera work?

Our camera has 6 lenses and an additional 3D microphone; this in connection with a virtual reality headset and a high quality content will feed your eyes and ears with a real life replication of the world around you; find out more about the inputs by clicking the below tabs!

Using our specialised camera which has 6 lenses, we will record everything what is around, below and above. You are fully immersed with the video from every angle.

The 6 lenses also enable us to record the depth of how far the objects are from each other. This gives you the sense of being able to almost touch the people and objects in front of you.

It’s a bit like a 3D movie in a cinema, but better!

8K Resolution provides an extreme level of detail; hence you can really immersive yourself in the video. You can really spot the shine of that gala dress and gloss of the waxed guitars on stage.

Our 3D professional microphone will capture the sound coming from all directions, you can hear the music coming from every angle.

As a part of your package, we will provide you with an advanced standalone VR headset. It will fully enable your client to enjoy all of the above features.

What is the cost?

360 virtual reality video is showing inside the headset a man with blue jacket is sitting on the chair and five of his friends are laughing with him

I’m glad you asked!

Despite our services being unique, we aim to stay affordable to each business.

Due to the huge variety of services and requirements; we do not have a fixed price on offer for this service.

For any shooting which is located abroad, client will be responsible for Flights, Accommodation, Cost of Transport and any Entry Tickets.

Consultancy Package:
Allow us to offer you a consultancy package in order to find the best solution for your needs.

Consultancy Package

200 / excl. VAT
  • 1 Hour VR Content Demo
  • 1 Hour VR Content Demo
  • Consultancy Meeting
  • Consultancy Meeting
  • Client Management
  • Client Management
  • Transportation Costs
  • Transportation Costs
  • €100 Final Offer Discount
  • €100 Final Discount

Not Included

(Abroad Service)
  • Flights to the Destination
  • Flights to the Destination
  • Accommodation at the Destination
  • Accommodation at the Destination
  • Cost of Transfers
  • Cost of Transfers
  • Cost of Entry Tickets
  • Cost of Entry Tickets
virtual reality 360 camera 3d production man in glasses holding farsight

"...Imagination is the limit, be unique." - Slogan of Daydream Films Ltd.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly, yes. If you have any doubts, please contact us. 

No problem at all, we can customise your package to your needs. 

As many as you like, we will also offer you different options. 

We can take 50% deposit upon booking the service date and the remaining 50% prior to delivery.

You can view a 3D video hosted on YouTube in “Our Projects” section at the top of the page. To experience the video fully, you will need a VR headset, if you do not have one; contact us today and we will arrange for a representative to meet with you with our VR device.

As much as possible. We need to ensure that we have the availability for the event and any travel involved.

Unless there are special requirements, you will receive your video together with the headset within 2 weeks from the last day of the event.

It is as realistic as it gets! Why don’t you contact us today and we will arrange for our representative to meet with you and show the preview videos on our VR headset.

Yes, for standard recordings; a €500 excl. VAT per day surcharge to any additional day will be added. 

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You can also contact us by using our live web-chat service, just press the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page!

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