Future-proof Your Wedding Memories

Wohoo! It’s a “Yes” and you are about to form a very special relationship with a very important and loving person! There isn’t a better moment to reach out for a unique lifetime souvenir. It truly is a perfect opportunity to really capture those moments, in a way which is more intriguing and immersive than a standard video.

Our technology will allow you to relive that day; and share the happiness with the world to see, hear and feel.

So.. How does it work?

wedding photography in 360 3d virtual reality video

Virtual Reality (VR) enable us to place you back in the middle of your wedding day by surrounding you with audio-visual sensations which are designed to replicate the real life as closely as possible.

Simply imagine the possibilities; Such as being able to show your grandchildren the day of your wedding. Perhaps, reliving the moment with your partner 30 years from now?

Or even sending a video to family and friends across the sea to let them experience it!

How we do it?
We use a special camera with 6 lenses and provide you with a virtual-reality headsets that will feed your eyes and ears with a high quality replication of your wedding day; find out more about the inputs by clicking the below tabs!

Using our specialised camera which has 6 lenses, we will record everything what is happening around, below and above you. You are fully immersed with the video from every angle.

The 6 lenses also enable us to record the depth of how far the objects are from each other. This gives you the sense of being able to almost touch the people and objects in front of you.

It’s a bit like a 3D movie in a cinema, but better!

8K Resolution provides an extreme level of detail; hence you can really immersive yourself in the video. You can spot different things every time you rewatch it.

Four microphones capture the sound coming from all directions, you can hear the music coming from one side of the room, while your guests are singing on the other.

As a part of your wedding package, we will provide you with an advanced standalone VR headset that’s yours to keep; It will fully enable you to enjoy all of the above features.

How much does it cost?

virtual reality travel agency lady is looking through virtual reality headset in 360 video

I’m glad you asked!

Despite our services being unique, we are inline with the price range of the standard wedding photographers and cameramen.

Every client will be priced individually to meet their needs, however; despite your budget, you will receive everything that is included in the “Wedding Package”.

What is in the package?
In the package you will find immersion and memories for life; find out more below.

Wedding Package

  • 360° 3D VR Video Recording
  • 360° 3D VR Recording of Ceremony
  • Oculus Go VR Headset
  • Oculus Go VR Headset
  • Consultancy Meeting
  • Consultancy Meeting
  • Video Post-Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Shareable Video Link
  • Shareable Video Link
  • 8K Resolution Video on USB
  • 8K Resolution Video on USB
  • Client Management
  • Client Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can and we do; Please provide us with more information during your booking process.

No problem at all, we can customise your package to your needs. 

Certainly, we will offer you a number of options; branded from Oculus, HTC, Vive, Lenovo, Microsoft and other major and reliable brands.

We take 50% deposit upon booking the wedding date and the remaining 50% prior to delivery.

You can view a 3D video hosted at YouTube in “Our Projects” section at the top of the page. To experience the video fully, you will need a VR headset, if you do no have one; contact us today and we will show you a preview video in our office for free.

As soon as possible, this will enable us to reserve the whole day for you in advance.

Unless there are special requirements, you will receive your video together with the headset within 2 weeks from your wedding day! 🙂

It really is as good as it gets! Why don’t you come to our office and find out by watching one of our demo videos? 

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